we aint dummies. we just act like ones.

In high school I was voted most likely to stay inside on a beautiful afternoon attempting to do taxes.
It’s fairly emotional in here.
"you should come over. my roommates aren’t home"

Kayden’s first time experiencing rain (x)

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my life. the movie.

my life. the movie.

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Yes we can! Tonight inside @theshop_pnl catch @aldo_pt17 as he rifles through Tromba infused Jello-O shots. Tonight catch myself and @quinndngr as we save the Obama drama fo yo momma. Tonight catch yourself catchin feelings. Doors at 10. No cover. No attachments. Tonight it’s F*CK Y*U D!E. See you in the spiral.
Myself and @lauraserra drinking alone, together. The two human margarita pitcher courtesy of @quinndngr . Big thanks also to @aldo_pt17 and the entire @la_carnita staff for this Tuesday into a very strong boozeday. ✌️🍻
Gotham City. Maybe it’s all I deserve, now. Maybe it’s just my time in hell.
The slow and steady Sunday.